Friday, 14 May 2010

Back from the wild

And I am sure you are all extremely excited to hear how my past two and a half weeks of being a stroppy teenager have been, so I shall leave you in suspenders no longer!

Before I begin, I would just like to tell anyone that is planning on ever flying South African Airways not to bother, as they are possibly the worst airline I have ever flown with, and I shall never fly with them again!

So, to begin.  We finally managed to fly out a week later than anticipated.  The journey out was horrendous, but we did finally make it to sunny Africa!  Although it wasn't even slightly sunny.  We landed in Botswana in the middle of a torrential storm that ended up lasting for 5 days (and to hear the locals speak, they had never known weather like it this close to winter!).  The fun started when the plane landed, as there was no lift for me to use to get off the plane, so I had to climb down the stairs in the rain, clinging on for dear life!  Still, we had finally arrived, and once we had completed the comedy that is African immigration procedure and collected our bags, it was time to stagger through the only working door (being Africa, it was a shock there was at least one!) to the open arms of my ma.

Going back to Botswana is never really a holiday.  It isn't quite a chore, but there are times when it feels like it could/will be.  It is always great to go home to see the olds, but on the flip side, I do feel that I have regressed a number of years.

We spent most of the first week huddled up on the sofa, as it was the wettest week they have ever seen, as people were very keen to point out to The Mentalist.  We did, however, go on safari over night to a private game reserve just over the boarder in South Africa - I will put a few photos up later on, so you can see some of the wildlife we saw.

The last week and a half was spent sitting on the Veranda, drinking Lemon Twist, and just generally relaxing.  It was nice to spend time with some friends and their two little girls.  To most of you, it might seem that I am getting broody, expecially if you see some of the pictures.  I am not. Or at least I don't think I am.  It was just nice to be in the company of children that didn't scream, were perfectly content just to hang out and didn't need to be entertained, and were just generally very cute.  I guess you could say that I am broody only if I can be guaranteed to have children just like that!

Still, I am back from the wild.  It is brilliant to be in a place where there is fast internet, but not so great to be back in England (which is a hole), and work (which is worse!).  Which means that I shall now be able to much more frequent posting, which is good, as I have a whole lot of things to regale (read bore!) y'all with.

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  1. Sorry that the flying part sucked, but it sure sounds like you had an awesome time while you were away. I sure missed you. Glad your back.