Friday, 23 April 2010

Am off to deepest, darkest Africa

So won't be posting for a while.  That's if the flight actually goes!

Am going "home" to see the olds.  It has been a while, and that while was made even longer by that stupid volcano!  Still, acts of God aside, The Mentalist and I are going.

Two and a half weeks of sitting on the Veranda doing sweet FA.  Life can't get better, except for winning the lottery whilst we are away!

If I get anywhere near a place that actually has internet access, I shall post on how wonderful it is, so y'all can get jealous!

On the flip side, it will be two and a half weeks with the olds, who still think I am 15.   And the pathetic thing is that I revert to behaving that age!  All sulks and temper tantrums - which will have less effect if it takes me 10 minutes just to get down on to the floor, in order to kick and scream.  The kicking thing really won't be a problem, tho, as my leg muscles spasm so badly, it will just look as though I am doing it on purpose!

So I hope you all have a fantastic two and a half weeks.  I shall miss checking up on you!  Don't do anything too exciting whilst I am gone, kay?


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  1. Have an awesome time!!! I am soooo jealous. I would love to take a vacation where someone will take care of me. ; )