Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Band of the week - a day early but the surprise is good for you! - Primal Scream

Now I know I said less than a week ago that I wasn't really a fan of English bands, but to tell you the truth, Primal Scream don't have that Oasis/Blur sound that irritates me so much.

Primal Scream is made up of a number of characters who, live, amuse me, and when I listen to them at home just make me want to dance.  Or wobble.  Or nod my head along with the beat.

I didn't really get into Primal Scream until I saw them perform live at Roskilde 2006.  I had obviously heard their stuff, but didn't really get it.  But seeing Bobby Gillespie (vocals) and Mani (one of the most underrated but definitely insane bassists - was in The Stone Roses - look them up if you can be bothered!) doing their thing on stage to a crowd of insane Scandawegians (it's a word ... I made it up, Stephen Fry knicked it - I want royalties, kay?) whilst England got knocked out of the World Cup was amazing.

All of their albums are wicked, but if you are looking for a (not so) gentle introduction into the band, may I recommend Give Out But Don't Give Up, which has some cracking tunes on it, but if that turns out to be a bit too happy/dancy, then give Riot City Blues a chance. Remember folks, it's the four song rule.  You have to listen to four songs before you decide if you like em or not - and two that I heartily recommend are Jailbird and Rocks from Give Out But Don't Give Up and Riot City Blues from the same named album.

Happy listening, and I promise to move away from happy music!  Or not.

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