Thursday, 25 March 2010


No, not as macabre as it sounds. It is just the shift that I work, doing desk top publishing for a bank - or rather I am part of an outsource company that the bank has paid to employ/manage/ chivvy /pay us for them.

I have been working the graveyard shift for a number of years now, churning out crap for idiots that get paid far too much, and wouldn't know common sense if it smacked them up side the head.

The graveyard shift draws many different people. Some have kids, so it makes it easy for child care, others prefer earning lots of money, some are weird, and wouldn't be allowed to work any other shift. Then there is me. I work graveyard because by and large I hate people. I hate crowds. I hate bankers. I hate fools with no common sense. To be honest, it might be easier to list those things I don't hate! One of the other benefits from working graveyard is no management ... and the list for why this is so fantastic goes on, and on, and on (you get the picture - I may just introduce Mickey Mouse plc's management to you in a new post)

Bankers, for all their alleged smarts (graduated from Oxbridge, don't you know, don't you know) haven't a clue about the real world and what is really important (they don't really like it when I point out that what they do isn't important, and no one is going to read their shit anyway!). Still, they are amusing creatures.

I just wish that they wouldn't constantly imagine that I can change water into wine. I assume that this must be the case, because some of their requests are just down right laughable. Wanting to fit a large table in a very small space.

It does pay the bills, though, and there are at least a few characters overnight to play with! Also, a very large benefit is that when I leave in the morning, the second I walk out the door, I have completely forgotten about the fools I work for. Then there is just the joys of the fools on my way home. But I am going home, and they are going to work, so it is all grand!

So that is a small blog about where I work. Maybe tomorrow I will write about the company I work for. Or maybe I will come up with something different.

Suggestions/requests on a postcard.

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