Friday, 26 March 2010

Mickey Mouse plc is fucked up

I have just had a meeting with my line manager, a nice enough woman without a back bone, to discuss shortening my working hours due to disability. I only wanted to work one hour less a night, which they have grudgingly given me.

However, the direct quote from the snake was "Mickey Mouse plc expect something in return. They expect to see a decrease in sick days". Now, I don't really understand why they should expect anything in return. I am taking a pay cut by working less, and because of their screwed sick day policy, we don't get paid if we don't come in. So surely that's a good thing. They get to keep some of the money that they would have given me.

The next thing she wanted was access to my medical records. You can imagine my response.

Still, if they fire me, I shall sue them. Then I shall be a gajillionaire.

Mickey Mouse plc, one day very soon I shall be coming to get you. Like many others have done before.

Whinge over. It's Friday, I am going home in 3 hours, and then my weekend starts! Woo Hoo.

Will try and be more positive in my next post. I might even put up pictures of kittens, knitting and daffodils. And who knows, maybe I will get a pay rise next year. Which do you think has the greatest chance of happening? Answers on a post card, winner gets a gajillion somethings.

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  1. Well that sounds like a bunch of crap! What a A hole. Your medical records are none of their damn business.

    ps Have a Happy Monday!