Thursday, 22 April 2010

Band of the week - part 2 - Killlswitch Engage

I have chosen Killswitch Engage for my band of the week this week (as opposed to James, who were my catch up for last week!) for a  number of reasons.  I really started listening to KSE in around 2002, just after they released their album Alive or Just Breathing, but I heard it with the original singer Jesse Leach, who quit the band before they got really big.  Howard Jones is now the singer, and I actually think he does a great deal more for the band than Leach.

KSE is metal, there is no two ways about it, but somehow I find their music quite uplifting.  It does, however, promote serious headbanging whilst driving if you happen to listen to it!

I have seen KSE live quite a few times.  Sometimes as part of a festival, and others where they have been touring.  Their stage presence is great, and they really do get the audience going.  They are very electric live, hence the reason I am promoting them.  Even if you don't like metal, I do think you should have a little listen, and see what you think.  Their music is quite diverse, so you do have to follow the four song rule ... you cannot decide you don't like them until you have listened to at least four songs!

If you are going to listen to them, please can I suggest you try out When Darkness Falls as your first track?


  1. I will have to check them out. I have heard of them but never heard them.

  2. So what kind of music is this? I am always open to checking out new bands. Thanks for sharing.