Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Not dead...

To all my faithful readers, I wish to apologise for my complete lack of posting for the last forever.  What can I say except I let pain be the manager in my life, rather than me managing pain.  It's a pathetic and sorry excuse, but if you ask The Mentalist and Tigga, they will tell you that I have actually been hell to live with.

I won't bore y'all with the details, because to be honest, they aren't particularly pleasant, and by reading about it, I will be taking up time in your life that you won't get back.  And for no good reason.

But I am back.  For a wee while.  Until the pain decides to take over.

I spent the last week lying on the sofa having a pity party for one, and whilst I could have blogged, somehow I just didn't manage to get the energy, or the inspiration to do so.  Which means that tonight I may well spew endlessly (so much for not taking up time you won't get back!)

With great fanfare, the Roskilde poster was released last week, which was quite exciting.  There were a couple of big announcements - some good, some not so good.  Really, really, really excited by Prodigy and Pendulum, not so keen on Prince.  But it should be good, no matter what.

For Soccermom, the band that I would recommend listening to from the line up that I listed the last time I posted, if you haven't already heard them, is Kasabian.  Their first album blew me away, and they are one of the most amazing bands live.  You will have heard their stuff, as I am sure it is used on the soundtrack for some of the CSI programmes.  But give them a listen, and let me know what you think.  I will, however, be sending you pictures from the Alice in Chains part of the Roskilde festival ... if you are really lucky, there may even be video!

Had last week off work, which was lovely.  Am now back, even though I am supposed to be in Africa this week.  Was going home to see the folks, but due to that damn volcano, am going nowhere fast.  We are hopeful to have lift off this Friday, which means at least two whole weeks without posting.  Which really irritates me, as I want to ensure I post more regularly.  The problem is that my folks are still on dial up.  Can you remember dial up?  With a 56k modem?  And they happen to be on a radio phone, which means any time there is any wind within a 2 bajillion mile radius, the line goes down.  But I suppose I can spend the time planning what to bore y'all with next!

Fate is a funny lady, though.  I wasn't really all that excited about going out to see the folks in the run up to last Friday.  I knew that the journey was going to be a nightmare, considering the huge amount of pain I was in, so Fate decided to make the volcano happen.  Which was good on so many levels, as it has meant I have managed to get a few last minute bits and pieces, as well as try to get my pain under control.

The bits and pieces part of the plan is going well.  The pain management part isn't.  Again, dull, dull, dull.

Hopefully, as I said before, we get to fly this Friday.  Which is so brilliant, as I cannot wait to see my dad.  I haven't seen him since February last year, and I miss him.  I really am daddy's girl!  The other bonus about having to move the holiday dates, is that due to there being no seats in the class we had originally booked in for our preferred dated for the return journey, we have to stay out there for a day longer.  I don't think that The Mentalist is totally cool with that (not that he doesn't love the meat, the beer, and sitting on the porch doing nothing, but an extra day with the not really outlaws?????)

I am going to end this here, as I do want to do the band of the week.  I might even do two, as I was so slack last week!

Hope everyone is well, and forgives me for my lack of discipline.  I do still love you all.  Just not so happy with me!

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